Seth currently serves as Chairman of the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to building the legacies of America's Fallen Warriors by partnering with Gold Star Families -- the families of our fallen military -- on legacy-building projects that carry on the memory of their loves ones.  Dog Tag Brewing Foundation supports these projects through grants and free consulting services, and then aims to inspire Americans to get involved by sharing stories of service and sacrifice through social media and on individualized dedication cans of Dog Tag Legacy Lager. 

In 2016, Dog Tag Brewing partnered with Pabst Brewing Co. which serves as their national production and distribution partner. The partnership with Pabst will ensure that millions of Americans will have a chance to try the beer and join in helping Gold Star families build the legacies of the nation's fallen military heroes. As stated by Seth, "Our mission is simple: to help Gold Star families make sure their loved one is never forgotten."

Dog Tag's "Legacy Lager" is currently available in 26 states, with national distribution expected in 2017. Each can of Dog Tag utilizes a groundbreaking can printing technology to dedicate each "Legacy Lager" can within a 4-pack to honor a different fallen warrior whose family was selected for a legacy grant. Dog Tag Brewing, LLC, donates 100% of its profits to its Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, which benefits charities created or selected by each Gold Star family chosen for a grant.

The Wingman Foundation developed a partnership with Dog Tag Brewing to honor the legacy of Maj. Martino. In 2016, these two organizations partnered with the Martino family in order to form a scholarship fund for a deserving applicant, i.e. the "Major Michael Martino Scholarship Fund." Click here for more information about the  Wingman Foundation - Maj. Michael Martino Scholarship Fund

    Current can featuring Maj. Michael Martino

    Original can featuring Maj. Michael Martino

In 2014, Seth Jordan, A Marine combat veteran, founded Dog Tag Brewing, LLC, LLC, located in Bozeman, Montana. The purpose of Dog Tag Brewing was to help honor the memories of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice to their country by featuring them on their beer cans.

Each can had a message about a particular fallen service member and each was packaged differently to honor that speficic member.  In this way the American public was able to "Toast a Hero" as they read the name of the fallen warrior printed on each can of beer.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the beer was given back to the families to do as they saw fit to best honor their loved one's memory.

The Martino family was contacted in September 2013 and asked to participate by having their son Michael featured on the beer cans which they proudly did.   Dog Tag's original beer can featuring Michael is shown below.