Memorials & Tributes Honoring Michael continued.  Page 2 of 6...

  • Aug 2009 - Honor and Remember Project presents flag to Michael’s family. (top right)

  • 2009 - Book entitled “Iraq In Transition – The Legacy of Dictatorship and the Prospects For Democracy” written by friend Peter J. Munson and dedicated to Michael. (middle right)

  • 2009 - USMC Combat Fitness Course dedicated to Maj. Michael Martino.

  • Apr 9, 2008 - Plaque presented to Michael’s family at the Iraq Liberation Day Ceremony by Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie in Washington. (bottom right)

  • 2008 - Operation Never Forgotten - Gold Star Family Billboard and Website features Michael.  (bottom left..2 photos)

  • Dec 2007 - Michael’s parents and sister get tattoos in memory of Michae.  (lower center...3 photos)

  • Nov 2, 2007 – Artist Patsy Arrington Dorsett completes commissioned portrait of Michael. (bottom right center)

  • Oct 2007 - Michael’s picture added as part of the Certificate Northrop Grumman’s ISO’s “Hats Off To Heroes” Certificate…Michael’s brother Robert and parents worked for Northrop Grumman. (upper center)

  • Sep 2007 – Thomas More Law Center asks Michael’s parents to be “friends of the court” with regards to the Supreme Court Case brought by the ACLU in their attempts to remove the cross at Mt. Soledad.  The Law Center has been active in trying to prevent the ACLU from having the cross removed from Mt. Soledad.   Continued on following pages...