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  •  Dec 25, 2005 - Gunfighter Ball Caps designed by Michael’s father for family and friends
  • Dec 1, 2005 - Photo T-Shirt designed by cousin Karen LeBlanc and worn by family
  • Dec 1, 2005 - Engraved metal bracelets and GT66 WWNF Decals worn/displayed by Marines from HMLA-369 in memory of  both pilots. (bottom left...2)
  • Nov 16, 2005 - Iraq Softball Field renamed “Bloomfield-Martino Field” after Michael and Jerry. (bottom middle)
  • Nov 5, 2005 – a CD “Tribute to Michael from His Family” was created by his cousin Scotty, sister Lauri and brother Robert…a link to which is on the website dedicated to him in June 2006. To view, select "Vide Tribute" on main menu.
  • Nov 5, 2005 - Gunshot 66 We Will Never Forget (GT 66 WWNF) T-Shirt created for and worn by the Marines of HMLA-369 in honor of Michael and Jerry.
  • Oct 2005 – Michael "Oprah" is referenced in Bing West’s unabridged version of the book, “No True Glory”, a frontline account of the Battle for Fallujah during which time Michael earned the Combat Action Ribbon and Bronze Star with Valor for his heroic actions which resulted in the saving of many lives during his first tour in Iraq. (top right) Movie "Battle For Fallujah" staring Harrison Ford will be coming to movie theaters in 2015.  Michael was a Forward Air Controller during this battle...calling in airstrikes on the enemy. Photo of Mike was featured in the Marine Corps Times. (bottom right)