On May 10, 2006, when HMLA-369 returned to Camp Pendleton from Iraq, Michael's unit dedicated plaques to Michael and the other pilot, Gerald Bloomfield, who was also killed when their helicopter was shot down during their Gunshot 66 mission.  On this hot day, people waited in line for more than 2 1/2 hours to talk to the families of Michael and Jerry. When the Marines present were notified by the bus driver that the bus had to return to Camp Pendleton, not one Marine got out of line but continued  to wait.  The line circled the monument.  Michael's family has always been very touched by this fact!

The ACLU continues its efforts to have the cross at Mt. Soledad removed.  Michael's family has been actively involved with the Thomas More Law Center in trying to save the cross at Mt. Soledad.  The links below are related to this court battle.    

Mount Soledad..

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